Online human resources, payroll, compliance and communications tools, handled automatically and backed by super smart people.


You have a ton to do without worrying about tax compliance, chasing down timesheets, or manually processing payrolls.

Time Tracking

Work with your teams to support managing their time and attendance efficiently.

  • Time Off Entry and Approvals
  • Team Scheduling & Attendance
  • Allocate Time to Projects
  • Mobile Friendly Time Tracking


Handle all of your payroll calculations automatically with a few clicks, and let our system do all of the heavy lifting.

  • Pay your People Directly via Direct Deposit
  • Calculated from Approved Timesheet Data
  • Handles all Withholdings and Tax Compliance
  • Automate Paystubs and Reports for your Employees


Benefits for your employees have never been so simple to understand and manage.

  • Support Wellness with Health Spending Accounts
  • Peace of Mind through Disability Benefits
  • Flexible plans that support your culture

Expert Support

Our team is available to help you with any questions or to help you get set up with streamlining your business. You aren’t alone - you can use our expertise to make sure that these critical tasks are always on track and running smoothly.