Works Your Way

You have some part time hourly employees, some salaried staff, some with special tax rules, customized witholdings, vacation time, etc. etc. etc. There are a lot of ways that you need to pay your people, and our platform is set up to work the way you do.



Make it Simple

With the complex calculations, understanding of tax and labour standard regulations, and different requirements per employee, it’s understandable that it feels like you are spending 90% of your time administrating payrolls. Our platform makes all of that simple enough that you spend minutes where you used to spend days, and reclaim that valuable time.



Keep Time

Get the time data directly as entered by the employees, and automatically feed that into their payroll calculations. Pay can be calculated automatically, based on approved time-sheets, vacation, sick time, overtime, stat holiday, etc., without any additional manual work or external systems.