Modern HR isn’t easy.

We take care of the RESOURCES, so you can focus on the HUMANS.


HR Simplified.

Give yourself the space to breathe and be a leader for your business without spending all of your time administrating it.



Make the flow of information between you and your teams ultra simple, with everything the employee needs to connect them to the organization available in one place.


Select how you compensate your employees through taxable and non-taxable benefit types. Ease the management of how employees are paid and how you budget people costs.


Let the system handle compliance with all the rules and regulations, and you can focus your energy on what matters to your business.

Track Employee Time

Help get your team’s time captured and organized quickly, and stop micromanaging.

Organize Schedules

Schedule shifts, vacations, flex, and sick time for all of your people in one place, even across teams.

Manage Attendance

Match up the schedule with what was actually worked, and immediately know what is going on with your employees.

Pay your Employees

Handle all of your payroll calculations and payments automatically with a few clicks, and let our system do all of the heavy lifting.

Choose Your Benefits

Give your people access to benefits, and have them manage their claims directly through the platform.

Transfer Money Painlessly

Send money for your people directly to their banking via electronic transfer.

GET Instant Insights

Everything that you need to know about your organization, instantly available in useful reports.

Manage Documentation

Store and access historical documentation for your people, all in one place and locked up securely.

Access Our Expertise

We know this stuff inside and out - our knowledgeable people are available to answer your questions and give you the best possible solutions.


Connect your employees to your organization

Your business is growing, and your people are your most important asset. The more time you have to spend sorting through spreadsheets and chasing emails, the less time you have developing your team into the rock stars you need them to be. Most of the mundane tasks can be handled for you, and the complex expertise required to ensure they are correct is all automated.


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