We’ve done our best to make submitting a MediDirect® Benefits claim as simple as possible. Just download and fill out one of the forms below and send it to us. We’ve also included our contact info below so you can choose your preferred method for getting the information over to one of our agents for processing.

For your convenience, claim PDF forms are fillable using the free Adobe Reader - we definitely suggest installing that so the calculations in the PDF are automated for you.

If you are unsure which claim form to use or have any questions at all, please call us (toll free):


or in Calgary at (403) 537-6298

Reimbursement Claim Form

This is the form that is used when you have personally paid for the services in the claim and are to be reimbursed for your expenses.

View example claim form

View example claim form (Ontario employers only)

Prefunded Claim Form

This is for companies with special arrangements who have set up a pre-funded benefits account.

View Example claim form

How would you like to send your claim to us?


Submit Online

Send us your claim forms and receipts directly via the website by clicking here.


Email your claims and receipts to us at claims@hrand.com


If you prefer, you can fax your claims to at (403) 539-5511


Direct Mail

You can also mail in your claim to us directly, if that is your preference. Send hard copies of the completed claim form, all related receipts, and any additional documentation to us at:

MediDirect Inc.
P.O. Box 1710, Station M, Calgary, Alberta T2P 2L7