Why HR-and?

After over 19 years in the industry, we've been at this for a while, and we've seen a lot of companies continue to struggle with employee databases, managing tax and government compliance, and just keeping on top of the paperwork from week to week. Tens of thousands of hours and many iterations of the platform later, we've gotten a pretty good understanding of what our clients need, and how we can profoundly simplify their day-to-day tasks, so they can focus their attention on what matters to their business.

HR-and is the new branding for our full platform. We started as MediDirect in 2000, and that’s still the branding for our benefits.


Our Story

Our story starts with our President. Over a 20-plus year span, Murray Malley successfully turned 14 companies around, and most still exist today. During this time, he became frustrated with the state of the support systems and services that were available to companies to assist them with payroll and HR. He began thinking of what he could do to solve the problems he had encountered.

“Wouldn’t it be great to have a single, turn-key platform solution that satisfies all the needs of a human resources department and eliminate a lot of duplication?” The concept was born and the planning began.

In 2000, he began assembling a team that could capture that vision and begin to develop the solution. The journey required a lot of thought and discussions with stakeholders around the data and paperwork required in administering people in companies.

After 19 years, the team and the vision have become a reality. Our team is a multi-disciplinary group of administrators, programmers and HR experts that love listening to our customers to continually improve our client experience.

Our team developed a deep understanding of the complex relationship of employees and the rules and regulations around their data. We understand that this is what human resource personnel manage, calculate, record and maintain. We wanted everything to be in one place.

And here we are, helping companies reduce stress around all the stuff they need to do to successfully manage their people.